TLR6 Gene Polymorphism, Sequence Analysis, and Phylogenetic Tree in Susscrofa

Nandani Kumari, L. B. Singh


TLRs (Toll like receptors) gene have a very important role in early defense against invading
pathogens, still we do not have sufficient literature available about them specially TLR6 gene in
swine. The current study deals with the characteristic polymorphic, sequencing and evolutionary
pattern of TLR6 gene in swine. SSCP based amplification and polymorphic pattern of TLR6 gene,
with the eight primers showed different polymorphism. Further, the evolutionary pattern of TLR6
gene was studied through phylogenetic tree analysis. Conclusively, the current comparative
phylogenetic and polymorphic analysis of vertebrate TLR6 gene in swine provided informative
insights into the process of gene evolution.


Sequencing, Phylogenetic analysis, Toll Like Receptor, Haplotypes, Polymorphism

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