Efficacy of GnRH-Prostaglandin-GnRH Schedule in Management of Postpartum Anestrus and Subestrus Jafarabadi Buffaloes

H. P. Vijyeta, G. B. Solanki, J. K. Chaudhary, P. M. Gamit, S. S. Parikh


Twelve postpartum Jafarabadi buffaloes of University farm were examined gynaecologically
between months of February and May 2016 and were found to be either anestrus with smooth
ovaries (n=8) or subestrous (n=4) with functional corpus luteum. All the 12 animals irrespective of
ovarian status were injected i/m with Busreline acetate 20 ?g (Receptal, 5 ml) on day 0, Cloprostenol
500 ?g (2 ml) on day 7 and were inseminated twice after 72 and 84 hrs. Second injection of Receptal
2.5 ml was given at the time of 2nd insemination. Six buffaloes returned to estrous on 21st day following
insemination which were reinseminated twice at 12 hours interval on reported estrous and injected
with 2.5 ml Receptal. Pregnancy diagnosis was done two month post-insemination and conception
rate of 50.00% (6/12) to first insemination and 33.33% (2/06) to second insemination was obtained.
The overall conception rate obtained was 66.66% (8/12). Thus from the above facts, it can be said
that this schedule of modified GnRH-PG-GnRH appears to work effectively in infertile Jafarabadi
buffaloes with good conception rate.


Jafarabadi buffaloes, Anoestrous, Receptal, Prostaglandin, Conception rate.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.21887/ijvsbt.v12i4.7670


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