Comparative Efficacy of Different Medicaments for Induction of Estrus in True Anestrus Jafarabadi Buffalo Heifers

Rupesh Raval, Kiran Parmar, Karshan Vala, Gajendra Solanki, S. S. Parikh


The relative efficacy of different treatment modalities was evaluated for induction of estrus in 32
post-pubertal true anestrus Jafarabadi buffalo heifers randomly divided into four equal groups.
Animals of Group I received intravaginal CIDR and i/m injection of 1.0 mg estradiol valerate on
day 0, i/m injection of 500 ?g PGF2? on day 7 while removing CIDR, and 0.75 mg estradiol valerate
on day 8. Fix timed insemination (FTAI) was performed at 48 and 72 h following PGF2? injection.
Animals of Group II received standard Ovsynch protocol with FTAI. In Group III, Prajana HS 3 caps/
day for 3 days along with i/m injection of Vitamin AD3E (5 ml) and Tonophosphan (15 ml) on first
day were administered. Group IV animals received no treatment and served as control. Among all
inseminated heifers, in non-return cases pregnancy was confirmed per rectum 60 days postbreeding.
The estrus induction response in Group I and II animals was 100 %, whereas in Group
III and IV it was 37.5 % and 12.5%, respectively. In Group I, one animal conceived at induced estrus
and another four at second service while in Group II, five animals conceived at second service giving
overall conception rate (CR) of 62.5% in each group within 77 days of treatment. In Group III, three
animals conceived by 70 days and in Group IV, only one animal (12.5%) showed estrus and
conceived by 50 days of treatment with overall CR of 37.5% and 12.5%, respectively. Mean plasma
progesterone concentration was significantly (p less than 0.05) higher on day 7 as compared to day 0, at
estrus and on day 20 post-AI in all the animals. It was concluded that both CIDR and Ovsynch
protocols are better than herbal heat inducer + supplements in inducing fertile estrus in anestrus
buffalo heifers.


Estrus induction, Conception, CIDR, GnRH, PGF2?, Prajana, Jafarabadi heifers

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