Postpartum Uterine Infections in Cows: Diagnosis and Treatment - An Overview

Akshay Sharma, Madhumeet Singh, Amit Sharma, Pravesh Kumar


Postpartum uterine infections result from uterine contamination with pathogens during parturition.
Most of the pathogens are environmental contaminants that are gradually eliminated during the
first 6 weeks postpartum. Vaginoscopy is considered to be more accurate than rectal palpation for
diagnostic purpose. Transrectal ultrasonography is helpful for the diagnosis of clinical endometrits
and pyometra. Subclinical endometritis (SCE) can be detected after three weeks postpartum with
the help of endometrial cytology. Administration of PGF2? or intrauterine infusion of cephapirin is
the treatment of choice for chronic endometritis but in case of SCE, results are inconsistent.
Immunomodulators, ozone pearls or foam have also been used for treatment of postpartum uterine
infections. Economic losses associated with uterine infections in dairy cattle are due to cost of
diagnosis and treatment of the infection, associated milk reduction and reduced fertility.


Uterine infection, Diagnosis, Treatment, Cows

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