Constraints in Adoption of Various Dairy Animal Management Practices in the Coastal Area of South Gujarat

Rana Ranjeet Singh, Sandhya S. Chaudhary, N. B. Patel, Virendra Kumar Singh


A field survey was conducted to collect the information on constraints faced by dairy animal owners
of Navsari taluka of Navsari district of South Gujarat. Fifteen villages of Navsari taluka having
functional primary milk producers co-operative societies were selected. Ten dairy animal owners
from each selected village were randomly chosen which constituted a total of 150 respondents.
The selected farmers were interviewed and the preferred information was collected with the help
of predesigned and pretested questionnaire. Perusal of data revealed that major constraint faced
by the dairy animal owners in providing adequate housing to their dairy animals was lack of own
capital. Major constraints in adopting recommended feeding practices were high cost of feed and
non-availability of green fodder round the year. Lack of knowledge of heat detection and lack of
improved bulls for breeding in villages were major constraints in adopting proper animal breeding
practices, while inadequate knowledge of diseases and their control was major constraint in adopting
proper health care management practices.


Constraints, Dairy Animals, Housing, Breeding, Feeding. Coastal Gujarat

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