Dystocia due to Fetal Malposture in a Jenny: A Case Report

G. B. Solanki, K. H. Parmar, R. J. Raval, K. B. Vala, M. D. Odedra


Reproductive aspect of Jenny is very similar to that of Mare being that they both belong to the
same genus Equus. The average length of gestation in donkeys varies between 10 to 14 months
(Kirby, 1989). Dystocia is defined as any birth that reduces neonatal viability, causes maternal injury
or requires assistance (Purohit and Honnappagole, 2009). Dystocia is much more common in
primipara than pluripara (Roberts, 1986). Dystocia in Jenny can be caused by abnormalities of either
maternal or foetal origin. In view of above facts a case of dystocia in Jenny due to right lateral
deviation of fetal head with flexed left shoulder and its delivery by mutation is placed on record.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.21887/ijvsbt.v12i4.7689


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