Pasturollesis: Complication of Metastatic Supporative pneumonia Severe Stress in Asian Elephant (Elephas maximus)

A.B. Shrivastav, Amol Rokde, Sandeep Agarwal, Gaurav Shrivastav


The Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) is amega herbivores and represents one of the most
critically endangered species of large mammals in the world. Few infectious diseases are
responsible to decrease their number both wild and in semi-captive condition. Diseases that are
shared between species also represent a potential burden to the whole ecosystem, affecting
biodiversity, changing behavior or composition of animal populations, and even relegating species
to the fringe of extinction (Daszak et al., 2000). Pasturollesis is an acute and often fatal disease
primarily occurring in water buffaloes and cattle, but occasionally other domesticated and wild
mammals and caused by particular serotypes of gram-negative bacterium Pasteurella multocida
and manifested by an acute and highly fatal septicaemia.


Testosterone, puberty, Vembur sheep, different management, RIA

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