Successful Surgical Management of Dystocia in a Cat

K. H. Parmar, J. V. Vadaliya, R. J. Raval, K. B. Vala, P. S. Chikhaliya


In the polytocus small animals there may be a complete or a partial failure of the uterus to start
contracting. In partial failure the uterus may bring the first fetus to the pelvic inlet from where it
is delivered by abdominal straining. No further fetuses were present and uterine contraction ceases.
An idiopathic type of primary uterine inertia has been described, in which delivery starts normally
and several members of the litter are delivered normally. There is no evidence of obstruction to
birth through maternal or fetal cause. The uterus stops contracting and does not resume unless
ecbolic therapy is given. It could be argued that this could be classified as a partial rather than
a complete primary uterine inertia (Peter Jackson, 2004).Uterine inertia that is lack of normal
physiologic uterine contraction during or after parturition, is a common condition encountered in
bovine. However, it is comparatively less reported in canine and feline.


Testosterone, puberty, Vembur sheep, different management, RIA

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