Successful Management of Dystocia due to Schistosomus Reflexus Fetus in a Cow

Rishi Kumar Gupta, Vipin Singh, Vikas Sachan, Jitendra K. Agrawal, Atul Saxena


Schistosomus reflexus is a rare type of congenital fetal monstrosity commonly seen in cattle and
occasionally in other species (Knight, 1996). It is characterized by spinal inversion either dorsoflexion
or retroflexion of vertebral column with or without ankylosis and exposure of abdominal and some
time thoracic viscera (Denis and Meyer, 1965; Cavalieri and Farin, 1999; Ozcan et al., 2003). The
condition belongs to the family of defects involving incomplete closure of ventral body wall (Sacchan
et al., 2013). The incidence ranges from 0.01% (Sloss and Johnston, 1967) to 1.3% (Knight, 1996)
of bovine dystocia. The cases that display both visceral exposure and spinal inversion are considered
as true schistosomus reflexus (Roberts, 1971).


Testosterone, puberty, Vembur sheep, different management, RIA

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