Light and Electron Microscopic Study of Lungs in Bidri Goat and Deccani Sheep

S. Ashwini, A. Ashok Pawar, K. KB. Sathisha, M. H. Girish


The histological study of lungs in Bidri goat (Capra hircus) and Deccani sheep (Ovis aries) was
carried out to know the structural differences in lungs of these animals. Lungs of both the species
had respiratory bronchioles, alveolar duct, alveolar sac and alveoli. Respiratory bronchioles were
lined by simple cuboidal epithelium in both the species and more number of respiratory bronchioles
was seen in adult Bidri goat than adult Deccani sheep. The alveolar ducts were lined by low cuboidal
to simple squamous epithelial cells. Alveoli were spherical structures lined by flat and membranous
Type-I pneumocytes and large dome shaped Type-II pneumocytes. In transmission electron
microscopy (TEM), more numbers of lamellar bodies were seen in cytoplasm of Type-II pneumocytes
of Deccani sheep as compared to Bidri goat. Macrophages and mast cells were noticed in
interalveolar septa of both the species. In scanning electron microscopy (SEM), no major structural
difference was noticed.


Alveoli, Sheep, Goat, Pneumocytes, Transmission electron microscopy

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