CRISPR/Cas9: A Review on Genome Editing Tool

Sourabh Sulabha, Jyotishree Bayanb, Amit Kumar


Broadly speaking, the process of evaluation begins with the establishment of ‘performance standard’. At the time of designing a job and formulating a job description, performance standards are usually developed for the position. These standards should be clear and not vague. Achievement motivation is affect in connection with evaluated performance in which competition with a standard of excellence was paramount. Intentional actions are usually considered the prototype of all acts of will. Theoretically, a complete intentional action is conceived of as follows: its first phase is a motivation process, either a brief or a protracted vigorous struggle of motives; a second phase is an act of choice, decision, or intention, terminating this struggle; the third phase is the consummatory intentional action itself, following either immediately or after an interval short or long. The objectives of the study were to enquire the effectiveness of the Performance Appraisal System in the Schools based on the basis of gender, degree and type of school and to enquire the Achievement Motivation of the secondary school teachers based on the basis of gender, degree and type of schools. The population consists of secondary School Teachers teaching in Patna, Bihar and the sample consisted of 257 secondary school teachers. The investigator adopted survey method by using self-constructed and validated Performance Appraisal Scale and Achievement Motivation Scale. The investigator has used Mean, Standard Deviation and t-test to analyze the data. The major findings of the study show that there is a significant difference between the mean scores of secondary school teachers on the basis of gender ,degree and type schools in their Performance Appraisal System and Achievement Motivation of secondary school teachers.


Performance, intentional, vigorous, terminating and performance

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