Factors Affecting Research and Extension Linkage in Veterinary Universities in India

Sushil K. Sinha, Mahesh Chander, Med R. Verma, Anupama Jena


The effective research-extension linkage in agriculture and veterinary universities depends on multiple factors. To analyze such factors, the present study was carried out with a sample of 80 researchers and 40 extensionists from four veterinary universities in India. The correlation and regression analysis revealed that most of the dimensions of functional R-E linkage were less affected by the selected profile characteristics of respondents. Their information accessibility, job-experience, training/seminar familiarity and perception of management have a positive and significant relationship with linkage strength. So, these factors should be addressed by the university to strengthen and design effective linkage strategies for research and extension.


Correlation-regression, Research-extension linkage, Veterinary University.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.21887/ijvsbt.14.4.17


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