Surgical Management of Secondary Uterine Inertia in Two Bitches

R J Raval, K B Vala, K H Parmar, S H Talekar


Primary or secondary uterine inertia is due to lack of normal physiological uterine contraction during or after parturition. Secondary uterine inertia is commonly observed in bovine, however, it is comparatively less reported in canine. In certain breeds of dog such as the Scotch terrier or Dachshund secondary uterine inertia may occur spontaneously early in the second stage of parturition. Usually, one or two fetuses are expelled normally and then labor ceases even though more fetuses are present in the uterus (Roberts, 1982). The present report places on record the difficult whelping due to secondary uterine inertia and its radiographic diagnosis and successful surgical management in 2 bitches.

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