Therapeutic Efficacy of Different Ear Cleanser in Management of Canine Otitis

Jignasha M Parmar, S K Raval, Mayank Parwari, Neha Rao, D M Patel


The objective of this study was to compare the therapeutic efficacy of three different ear cleansers in 30 dogs of various breeds suffering from otitis. Based on history and clinical signs, ear exudates were collected by aseptic cotton swab for isolation and identification of organisms. The cerumen deposition in-ear canal was cleared using one of the ear preparations, viz., ear cleanser-I (0.2 % salicylic acid and 0.3 % phenoxyethanol) ear cleanser - II (chlorhexidine, propylene glycol and tris–EDTA) or ear cleanser-III (2% para-dichlorobenzene, benzocaine 2.7%, chlorbutol 5% and turpentine oil 15 %). Systemic/local antibiotics were used as per sensitivity testing. The treatment protocol found effective in the management of ear infections included cleaning the ear debris using ceruminolytic preparations/ear wax dissolvent, viz, ear drop. Ear cleanser-III showed excellent results (100%) in ceruminous as well as bacterial otitis with subsequent instillation of ear preparations containing antibacterial drug(s) and antifungal agents compared to cleanser-II (90%) and cleanser-I (70%).


Canine otitis, Dogs, Ear cleanser, Therapeutic Management

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