Clinical Survey on Preputial Prolapse in Gir Bulls

JV Vadalia1, PH Tank, VD . Dodia, SH . Talekar, NR . Kannadhasan, RH . Bhatt


A clinical survey was carried out to assess the etiopathology of preputial prolapse in Gir bulls at 41 Gaushalas of the Saurashtra region in Gujarat. A total of 202 Gir bulls under the breeding program were surveyed. The mean age of Gir bulls was recorded as 5.71 years, which ranged from 2.5 to 12 years. Preputial prolapse was diagnosed in all the surveyed Gir bulls. The first degree preputial prolapse was common in all the bulls because of the breed anatomical character. Out of the 202 breeding bulls, 30 (14.85%) bulls had pathological preputial prolapse, which varied between 2nd and 4th degrees. Among the 30 affected bulls, 12 (40 %) bulls had preputial prolapse of 2nd degree, 6 (20 %) bulls had 3rd degree of preputial prolapse and 12 (40 %) bulls had 4th degree of preputial prolapse. Traumatic injury to prepuce, followed by its contamination, was the main etiology for the preputial prolapse and its aggravations in all the animals. All Gir bulls had common anatomical / structural deformities of the preputial sheath.


Gir bull, Heredity, Preputial prolapse, Structural anatomy, Surveillance

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