Effect of Chelated Mineral Mixture on Blood Profile and Fertility in Anoestrus Buffaloes of Tribal Areas of Dahod District in Gujarat, India

PM . Joshi, DC Patel, PD Patel, NP Sarvaiya


An on-farm trial for 90 days was conducted at four tribal villages to assess the effect of chelated mineral mixture (CMM) supplementation on blood biochemistry as well as hormonal and mineral status, nutrient intake and reproductive performance of the anoestrus buffaloes (n=24). The animals selected were randomly divided into two groups of 12 animals each. The group T1 was the control group (farmer’s feeding schedule), and T2 treatment group (T1 + CMM @ 50 g/animal/day). Blood collection was done on days 0, 45, and 90 of the experiment from the animals of both the groups for assessment of blood biochemical, hormonal, and mineral status of the animals. Average DM, DCP, and TDN intake in anoestrus buffaloes calculated as per information collected from farmers were statistically similar among both the groups and were as per ICAR requirements of animals. Results revealed significant p less then 0.05 improvement in hemoglobin, serum glucose, total protein, total cholesterol, progesterone, estradiol and macro (Ca, P) – micro (Zn, Fe, Cu, Co, Mn) mineral status of chelated mineral supplemented group as compared to control animals. The number of days taken to come into oestrus in anoestrus buffaloes (51.22±3.78 vs 75.00±6.18 days for 9 vs 5 animals), as well as the cost of feeding (Rs. 5441 vs 8039), was also significantly p less then 0.05) reduced upon supplementation of CMM as compared to control group. The control group recorded a 32.32% higher cost of rearing than the treatment group during the experimental period. The findings revealed the beneficial role of chelated minerals supplementation in improving the health, nutritional and reproductive status of anoestrus buffaloes.


Buffalo, Mineral supplementation, Anoestrus, Macro-micro minerals, Reproductive status, Cost-benefit ratio.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.21887/ijvsbt.15.3.16


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